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Celtics Stuff Live was the original live interactive webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans. The show originally aired for two hours every Sunday night and featured regular and prominent guests such as Mike Gorman, Sean Grande, Steve Bulpett, Marc Spears, Peter Vecsey, Mark Murphy, Scott Souza, Kelly Dwyer and Gary Tanguay and broadcast on Justin Poulin was one of the first members of the internet media to be credentialed with access to the locker room. After effectively retiring in early 2012, Celtics Stuff Live returns with Jon Duke and Justin Poulin featuring the interviews and expert analysis that listeners came to expect from the show in the Danny Ainge era. Now broadcasting on CLNS radio, Celtic Stuff Live is back! ---- CLNS Radio is an Boston-based, online, sports radio station that broadcasts some of the most well known sports radio shows in the country. *For booking or advertising inquiries, please contact the North Station Media business offices at North Station Media also offers a comprehensive podcast university. or more information, contact the NSM business offices at
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Dec 5, 2016

This week on Celtics Stuff Live, Jon and Justin discuss the flaws with the IT and D line-up in comparison to last season's team.  How strangely some of the strengths and weaknesses have been opposites with the exception of the rebounding deficiencies that have consistently plagued the club.  You had to know Boogie Cousins would be a topic of trade conversation as Justin eases on his boycott of any such trade as he has in the past.  Jon also comes clean with his college bball allegiances as well, with Alma Mater UMaine having played his Duke Blue Devils over the weekend on Saturday.  Enjoy the show!

Nov 28, 2016

Jon and Justin review their predictions from last week including a close one against the T-Wolves and an encouraging performance against a perennial powerhouse in the San Antonio Spurs.  We give David Lee a hard time, discuss Justin's Dad's criticism of Isaiah Thomas when watching over the Thanksgiving holiday and make some Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart comparisons. Enjoy the show!

Nov 21, 2016

Celtics Stuff Live takes a look back at the week including Scal Trade Rumors, Justin's night at the Garden as a Guest of CSNNE and the return of Al Horford and Jae Crowder as the team is now full strength for the first time this season.  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this week!

Nov 14, 2016

Jon and Justin take a look at the past week of ups and downs, both in terms of the Celtics efforts and the play of Jaylen Brown and James Young.  Kelly Olynyk also seems to have returned to form rather quickly following shoulder surgery and has helped defensively more than we realized.  And finally, Marcus Smart has moved into the starting line-up for Jar Crowder and his contributions have been undeniable. 

Nov 11, 2016

The play-by-play voice of the Main Red Claws, Chris Sedenka, joins Justin to preview the Red Claws season which begins tonight.  With the Celtics relationship continuing to grow and the plethora of draft picks makes the Red Claws a must watch for every die-hard Celtics fans.  In the second part of the show, Jared Weiss from The Garden Report on CLNS Radio and CelticsBlog gives insightful analysis into the defensive and rebounding struggles that we have seen from the Celtics.  He also reluctantly answers whether he thinks Jared Sullinger or Evan Turner would be more helpful to the team today and we close out the show discussing the offseason training focus of Jae Crowder and Marcus Smart.  Enjoy!​

Nov 7, 2016

Jon and Justin review their predictions for last week and the impact that injuries to Horford and Crowder have had on the the team's play and ability to hit shots beyond the arc.  We also question Tyler Zeller's place in the starting rotation over Jerebko in light of the loss to the Nuggets.  Finally, we make our predictions for next week and give Jaylen his props for rising to the occasion against Lebron James in the loss last Thursday night.

Nov 5, 2016

Good friend Marc Spears joins Justin Poulin for this week's Celtics Stuff Live interview.  We talk about his move to ESPN's "The Undefeated", his time on Boston with the Globe covering the 2008 championship team, and his work with the National Association of Black Journalists.  We also talk about Jaylen Brown's connection to the Kerr family and whether or not Ray Allen's number should be retired with the Celtics.​

Oct 31, 2016

The first week of the Regular Season is in the books and Justin wastes no time in touting the fact that he predicted the W-L record for week one.  We discuss the second unit, and in particular the emergence of playing time for Jordan Mickey in the Saturday match-up against the Hornets.  Other topics include questioning whether the team can continue the trend from last season of performing well on the second night of back-to-backs.  The front court play, specifically Amir Johnson and Tyler Zeller, is scrutinized and the ultimate insertion of Kelly Olynyk into the starting lineup would be warranted.  Finally, the debate turns to whether Horford is being underutilized and our predictions for week 2 result that includes another back-to-back with two national televised games against the Bulls and Cavs

Oct 25, 2016

The cuts have been made and the ground has been broken for a new practice facility honoring the Patriarch of Celtics basketball.  Jon and Justin discuss the worst of birthday presents for RJ Hunter, but more so the curious case of Benjamin Bentil.  This all leads to a discussion around the Celtics having so many assets that some may eventually come back to haunt them and the hunch that a completed CBA may allow for more action on the trade front this season.  Of course, what organization seems more poised for collapse and trade, then the Celtics first prime time opponent of the season, the Chicago Bulls?  Tossed into the mix is a quick review of the Celtics Stuff Live fantasy basketball league and a few other tangents.

Oct 21, 2016

Tom Westerholm makes his first appearance on Celtics Stuff Live to help wrap up the preseason.  We discuss shortening the preseason, the unlucky timing of Marcus Smart's injury and the task Terry Rozier will have in replacing Evan Turner.  We also discussed whether Kelly Olynyk should have elected to have shoulder surgery sooner and Tom gives an AMAZING breakdown of the case for Young and against Hunter for the final roster cut.  We hope you enjoy!

Oct 17, 2016

With only two preseason games remaining and roster cuts imminent, Jon and Justin break down a list of 6 players of which two will not make the Celtics squad.  Offering up their predictions and wild card scenarios.  RJ Hunter gets some love for his performance in the second half against the Knicks showing confidence and signs he is evolving form a shooter to a scorer.  The discussion then turns to the rotations and substitution patterns which have seemed clunky at times.  Justin gives Al Horford a new nickname and what show would be complete without discussing the roles and performances of Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown.

Oct 14, 2016

Celtics Stuff Live looks back this week to one of the highlights of the show, an interview with Early Lloyd from March 2008.  Earl Lloyd is known as the first black person to play in an NBA game (one of four players to break the barrier in the 1950-1951 season).  Early talks about his upbringing in Virginia, College days at West Virginia State College, and how much the world has changed since his playing days.  One of best quotes from the interview is something that he learned from his parents, "Never dignify ignorance."  We hope you will enjoy this interview as much as we did when we recorded it over 8 years ago.

Oct 11, 2016

Jon and Justin discuss potential line-ups and substitution patterns, Avery Bradley's development, trading Olynyk for Noel since both are up for a payday and how end of the bench players such as Mickey, Hunter, and Young are looking to make the team.  There is also some talk about the draft and stash big men and how they seem to stay in the news even if they didn't stay in the country after the draft/summer league.​

Oct 7, 2016

An old friend joins Celtics Stuff Live, as Eric Weiss of Sports Aptitude makes an appearance ​in the offseason interview series.  Eric has been mentioned throughout this series as he and Jeff Clark from CelticsBlog helped to pioneer credentialed access for CelticsBlog as the first blog to gain access to the locker room.  Since then, Eric has provided coverage for DraftExpress,, and Yahoo Sports before venturing into the field of analytics and starting his own company.  We discuss his immersion in the tech boom culture during his college years in the Bay Area.

Oct 3, 2016
With training camp underway, Celtics Stuff Live has the benefit of Media Day and the Green and White Scrimmage on Friday night to base some initial observations.  With Tuesday's game against the 76ers on tap to kick off the preseason, Jon and Justin make some connections to the rebuild in Philadelphia and the big man jinx that has plagued the organization now infecting Ben Simmons with a broken foot.  We also break down the backcourt depth as an advantage, who the team should have their eyes on (Cleveland or the Raptors), and the Jaylen Brown debate continues...
Sep 29, 2016

Chad Finn joins Jon and Justin as the Offseason Interview Series is wrapping up through the preseason.  Chad's interview with Bobby Manning was the inspiration for the series and Chad shares his unique career path with our listeners.  The trio of UMaine alumni looks back on the heyday of the hockey program and the opportunity that the program's success had in vaulting Chad's career.

Sep 26, 2016

Jon Duke returns from parts unknown as training camp opens up for Media Day.  We cover the themes you can expect to hear about during training camp and just can't shake the trade talk that has plagued us since February.  Justin and Jon also pay tribute to Kevin Garnett with his retirement having been announced over the weekend.  Enjoy the show!​

Sep 22, 2016

Bobby Manning joins Celtics Stuff Live as the offseason interview series is nearing it's close with training camp right around the corner.  As you likely already know, Bobby inspired the series during an episode of his show The Bobcast in which he interviewed's Chad Finn.  Bobby started his making a name for himself early, contributing to CelticsBlog during High School and has now just arrived in Syracuse to begin his collegiate career and is on staff at the school newspaper.  He reflects on how he got his start at CelticsBlog and discusses his emphasis on learning.  Enjoy the show!

Sep 19, 2016

Chris Forsberg joins Celtics Stuff Live as our 8th guest in the offseason interview series.  Chris shares his advice on "Just Say Yes" and being adaptable.  He also shares about how he had planned to go to Holy Cross but ended up at Northeastern and ultimately landing an intern position at the Globe where he and Chad Finn were contributors to the website.  Justin and Chris wrap up discussing Forsberg's illustrious racing career and attempt to determine if there is such a term that is a combination of doppleganger and namesake.  Enjoy!​

Sep 2, 2016

Justin Poulin speaks with John Karalis of and the Rainin' J's Podcast on the LockedOn Netwoek in this episode of the offseason interview series.  This one gets a little personal and focuses on John's basketball career and his time at Emerson majoring in broadcasting.  Enjoy!

Aug 29, 2016

Justin Poulin speaks with CLNS' very own video pioneer, Jared Weiss on this episode of the offseason interview series.  The Host of the Garden Report was just 20 years old when he first covered the Celtics as a credentialed member of the media.  We talk about his evolution from lifelong season ticket holder to providing objective content as well as the importance of having a sense of humor, the power of creative control, and differentiating your personal brand.

Aug 25, 2016

Brian Robb from and 98.5 the Sports Hub joins host Justin Poulin for the fifth installment in the offseason interview series.  Brian talks about diversifying contributions to various outlets, applying statistical analysis, and shares a funny story from the locker room.  You can follow Brian on Twitter @CelticsHub

Aug 22, 2016

Nick Gelso, the founder of CLNS Radio, joins Celtics Stuff Live as the fourth guest in our offseason interview series.  The interview features discussions around developing the CLNS Radio network, pioneering video coverage from a credentialed new media outlet, and the progress being made in monetizating online media content.  We hope you will enjoy!​

Aug 19, 2016

Jeff Clark, founder of CelticsBlog, joins Justin Poulin for the third installment of the Celtics Stuff Live Offseason Interview Series.  We discuss the early days,  even before blogs existed, message boards, and chat rooms.  Jeff tells us that while content is surely King, "Community Is Queen".  Stepping into the wayback machine, we also talk about having worked together in 2006 along with Eric Weiss to secure credentialed access to the Celtics locker room.  This is a can't miss episode!

Aug 15, 2016

Danny Leroux joins Celtics Stuff Live for the 2nd installment of our offseason interview series focusing on the careers of those who cover the Celtics and the NBA.  Danny writes for RealGM and hosts the RealGM Radio podcast here on CLNS Radio.  He is also a frequent co-host on the Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast and has begun writing for The Athletic.  Danny began to cover the Warriors while in Law School and this experience helped him to craft convincing arguments​ and develop a methodology for approaching his work.  He shares with us some sage advice, fun stories, and his thoughts on the Celtics.  We hope you enjoy!

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