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Celtics Stuff Live was the original live interactive webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans. The show originally aired for two hours every Sunday night and featured regular and prominent guests such as Mike Gorman, Sean Grande, Steve Bulpett, Marc Spears, Peter Vecsey, Mark Murphy, Scott Souza, Kelly Dwyer and Gary Tanguay and broadcast on Justin Poulin was one of the first members of the internet media to be credentialed with access to the locker room. After effectively retiring in early 2012, Celtics Stuff Live returns with Jon Duke and Justin Poulin featuring the interviews and expert analysis that listeners came to expect from the show in the Danny Ainge era. Now broadcasting on CLNS radio, Celtic Stuff Live is back! ---- CLNS Radio is an Boston-based, online, sports radio station that broadcasts some of the most well known sports radio shows in the country. *For booking or advertising inquiries, please contact the North Station Media business offices at North Station Media also offers a comprehensive podcast university. or more information, contact the NSM business offices at
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Jul 25, 2016

Justin welcomes Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston to the show while Jon Duke vacations in parts unknown, stranded thanks to fallen timbers and electrical lines.  Chris and Justin go around the offseason horn, taking stock of the moves, rumors and potential implications for the upcoming season.  Comments made by Jae Crowder this week and Saturdays signings of Green/Zeller lead the charge while we make sure to pay Al Horford some serious respect after the news cycle moved on too quickly after his signing.  Enjoy!​

Jul 19, 2016

Jon and Justin return from vacation to discuss Trade Rumors, Summer League, Jared Sullinger and questions from Twitter.  Also, just minutes before recording Steve Bulpett opens the Kevin Durant wound and Justin picks up right where he left off.  We announce another winner of the giveaway, remember to retweet the show announcement with #FanEssentials for your chance to win and follow us on twitter @CSL_TweetLive, @CSL_Justin and @CSL_Duke.​

Jul 6, 2016

Jon and Justin put the Durant experience behind them with the help of guest Chad Finn from the Boston Globe.  After an initial rant out of Justin's system, we look forward to next season and appreciate the positive progress of the team and celebrate the Horford signing.  But now what?  Trades?  Who goes?  What happens to Sully?  All this and more...



Jul 3, 2016

Jon and Justin take to the pod-waves with their initial reaction to the Horford signing.  We encourage the fans to go all in, enjoy the moment, and be optimistic about the likelihood of bringing @KDTrey5 to Beantown. Just listen, it will make you feel good.

Jul 2, 2016

Jon and Justin jump in on the ramped up podcast coverage with an early release of Celtics Stuff Live after staying up all night developing twitter thumb waiting on Horford updates.  With NBA Free Agency well underway and disgusting money being thrown around like bachelors in a strip club, the hosts attempt to keep their sanity and contain their excitement about the dream scenario of Horford joining the Celtics to make their pitch to Kevin Durant tonight.  Lots of great questions from the twitter following and a Summer League preview is also included - Enjoy!​

Jun 27, 2016
Celtics Stuff Live returns just days following another 5 1/2 hour Draft Night Show.  With the benefit of time and Fridays press conference, Justin and Jon make better sense of the Celtic's draft strategy and began to look at free agency just round the corner.  Kevin Durant give Celtics fans a reason to be hopeful that he might consider a move to Boston and  we look at who might be on the list of players on his list.
Jun 23, 2016
Celtics Stuff Live aired for almost 7 straight hours on Draft Night 2007 packed with guests from traditional and new media.  It was a defining moment for the only toll free call-in webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans.  As we approach what could be another pivotal moment in Celtics Draft Night lore, we will look back on the night that changed everything.  The first step in a remarkable transformation process which saw the Celtics rise from almost-worst to first.  This is the third and final installment in the series chronicling the night as it unfolded.
Jun 22, 2016

Celtics Stuff Live aired for almost 7 straight hours on Draft Night 2007 packed with guests from traditional and new media.  It was a defining moment for the only toll free call-in webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans.  As we approach what could be another pivotal moment in Celtics Draft Night lore, we will look back on the night that changed everything.  The first step in a remarkable transformation process which saw the Celtics rise from almost-worst to first.  This is the second installment in a three part series chronicling the night as it unfolded.

Jun 21, 2016

Celtics Stuff Live aired for almost 7 straight hours on Draft Night 2007 packed with guests from traditional and new media.  It was a defining moment for the only toll free call-in webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans.  As we approach what could be another pivotal moment in Celtics Draft Night lore, we will look back on the night that changed everything.  The first step in a remarkable transformation process which saw the Celtics rise from almost-worst to first.  This is the first in a three part series chronicling the ​night as it unfolded.

Jun 20, 2016

Kevin O'Connor is our guest this week leading up to Thursday night's draft.  The discussion focuses on Murray, Brown and Labissiere for the top tier prospects as well as some sleepers later in the draft and rising prospect Sabonis.  Jon and Justin follow up with their final takes heading into  the draft and announce plans for the draft night show and a Part 3 series looking back at Draft Night 2007 that will release in the three days leading up to the draft.​

Jun 13, 2016

Jeff Goodman from ESPN joins us this week as we inch closer to the NBA Draft in less than 2 weeks.  Jeff blows up both Jon and Justin's top 3 rankings for the Celtics with the third pick.  Jeff throws out the idea of trading Smart and the #16 pick for Nerlens Noel and is willing to give up #23 as well, using the 3rd pick to select Dunn who he tabs as a "New Age Point Guard" and a potential top 5 PG in a few years.  Goodman also threw some cold water on Justin's love for Jaylen Brown, but ended strong by advocating for Sabonis at #16 who is a favorite of both CSL hosts.  We review some value picks at #16/23 and Goodman prepares for backlash by saying that Isaiah Thomas is a #4, maybe #3, on a championship caliber team.  After the interview, Jon and Justin break down the interview and give their take on all the draft analysis, with a hot debate to be continued about whether or not Kevin Love has a spot on this roster.

Jun 7, 2016

This week on Celtics Stuff Live we discuss the outcome of the Western Conference Finals and whether or not that legitimately brings Kevin Durant back into the offseason discussion.  Moves from the front office this past week, extending the contracts of Ainge and Stevens has Jon and Justin thinking that may be the case.  And, what offseason would be complete without revisiting Boogie Cousins thanks to an update to the DraftExpress mock draft that saw Chris leap into the 3rd slot.  We answer questions from twitter followers and c​​lose out the show forcing ourselves to pick a favorite player for the 3rd pick and Just braces himself for twitter hate...

May 31, 2016

Chris Forsberg from ESPN Boston joins CSL just prior to Monday night's OKC meltdown and discussed whether that will make for a memorable off-season for the Celtics courtship of Kevin Durant.  While Chris denies having a man-crush on any one prospect for the Celtics if they make the 3rd, Justin is all in on Jaylen Brown noting that the Cal product moved up on the DX mock draft ahead of Bender, while Jon hopes that LA falls in love with Bender so that Ingram can fall to #3. Finally, we end the show discussing the possibility of no trades and debate whether Ainge and his staff can trust the competitive process moving forward.​

May 23, 2016

Celtics Stuff Live welcomes Scott Souza from the MetroWest Daily News to the show.  Scott gave his take on the season, the draft lottery, and offseason possibilities for Jared Sullinger.  With water sufficiently poured on the Durant to Boston hopeful fires, we also looked forward to what could be an exciting Finals between the Cavs and Thunder.  After the interview, Jon and Justin answer questions from fans on twitter and debate the potential picks in June's draft as well as the importance that HYPE will play in positioning the Celtics to move the #3 pick for the best possible return.​


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May 16, 2016
Jimmy Toscano fills in for Jon Duke on this week's episode of Celtics Stuff Live.  Now that OKC is heading to the Western Conference Finals, we close the book on the courtship of Durant...or do we?  Diving more into the NBA postseason we also debate if the Hawks showing against Cleveland hurts the Celtics recruiting efforts or if the injuries will mitigate any negative effect.  Obviously, we must discuss the draft lottery coming Tuesday night and Justin goes all out cliche with his negative prediction of the outcome.  To close the show, Justin and Jimmy break down the players they do/do not want back  and who is the most tradeable this offseason.
May 2, 2016

Sean Grande joins Jon and Justin for the first off-season episode of Celtics Stuff Live.  Some crazy names get dropped, like Robert Swift..Marcus Banks..Brandon Hunter..and JR Bremer...see if you can handle it.  Sean emphasized how the lack of shooting and hitting open looks really hurt this team in the postseason, but especially because of the draw against the Hawks.  We discuss how the Celtics lost both tiebreakers for playoff seeding and draft position, which did not receive enough angst at the time.  Looking ahead at the draft, trades and free agency through the prism of Evan Turner's spectacles and the benefit of wet cement.​

Apr 25, 2016
Jon and Justin return from vacation to revisit their pre-series predictions for the Celtics match-ups against the Hawks.  Justin touts his prediction for a scrappy series and the fact that the Celtics let a crucial game 1 victory slip away.  Jon attacks the Marcus Smart nay-flopper critics and credit goes the way of Ryan Bernardoni who predicted that Jonas Jerebko would have a big impact on the series when he was our guest on the last show to preview the first round.
Apr 15, 2016

Celtics Stuff Live closes out the regular season with an early edition release previewing the playoffs and featuring first time guest Ryan Bernardoni from CelticsHub and Celtics Redditt who you can follow @dangercart on twitter.  Ryan discussed match-ups with Atlanta and what Celtics need to do to get through the defense with an eye forward to the offseason.  After the interview Jon and Justin followed up  on the interview and identified key match-ups and how far the first round series will go, with Justin predicting an unanticipated scrappy series.

Apr 11, 2016

Steve Bulpett joins Celtics Stuff Live as the final guest of the regular season.  With two games remaining, Steve places an emphasis on playing out the season and establishing or maintaining the team's rhythm in lieu of resting players and accepting the 6th seed to stay out of the Cavaliers bracket in the postseason.  Steve also discussed his belief that the extra cap room this summer will be a cause for even less free agent movement and that the Celtics are not willing to give a max contract to a player who isn't deserving for a number of reasons.  After the interview with Steve, Jon and Justin make their predictions for how the Celtics will finish out the year and the odds that Dallas could still fall out of the playoffs and possibly handover the 12th pick in the draft (the spot Devin Booker was picked in last year).

Apr 4, 2016

Ian Thomsen from joins Celtics Stuff Live this week to discuss his well-timed article on Isaiah Thomas just before the Celtics grabbed a win against the Warriors on Friday night.  Ian also praised the efforts of Mike Zarren and described his value in preventing the Celtics from falling into the trip of overpaying for a Free Agent in the offseason.  A look ahead at the playoffs has Ian as mystified as anyone else so to what is happening in Cleveland, but acknowledges they will be dangerous.  After the discussion with Ian, Jon and Justin go into more depth on the win against Golden State and snapping their home win streak, as well as a look ahead to the final 5-6 games of the season with tough match-ups against the other Eastern Conference 3-6 seeds.

Mar 29, 2016

Jimmy Toscano from CSNNE joins Justin and Jon for this week's episode of Celtics Stuff Live.  We looked at the past week with four wins straight, the improved play of Amir Johnson and the increasingly positive contributions of Evan Turner in Jae Crowder's absence.  We didn't stop there however, as Lebron James has provided some cumulative material that should have the fans in Cleveland sweating.  There was some controversy in Boston a s well, with Bob Ryan all ready to give up on Marcus Smart and his future with the Celtics.  Jon and Justin ended the show agreeing to agree on Smart being deserving of more time before closing the book on a 22-year old with less than 2 years of NBA experience.

Mar 21, 2016

Chris Forsberg from ESPNBoston joins Jon and Justin this week to discuss their lost episode, the NCAA tournament and the lack of lottery picks in the sweet 16, Kelly Olynyk's return to the line-up and the notable impact of Crowder's injury on the performance of the Celtics over the 4 game skid as they fall out of the 3rd seed.


All this on this week’s episode of Celtics Stuff Live.  Brought to you by, Casper, and Harry’s.  Available for download on iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. Monday, March 21st, 2016.  Powered by CLNS Radio.


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Mar 7, 2016

Celtics Stuff Live introduces a surprise new co-host to kick off the show, which will both shock and excite the listening audience.  Then, Scott Souza from the MetroWest Daily News joins the crew to discuss the biggest surprises of the year and why other teams haven't figured out Isaiah Thomas.  They recap and discuss Saturday's loss in Cleveland and what implications a rematch in the playoffs would have on off-season targets in free agency.  Jon and Justin pick it up after the interview with Scott further discussing the Cavs game and Jon predicts the Celtics can take Cleveland to 7 games if they have a chance to match up in the postseason. Closing out the show, they debate if the Celtics can get 50 wins and Jon previews the NCAA conference tournaments and offers up some teams and names to watch heading towards selection Sunday and March Madness.

Mar 1, 2016

This week on Celtics Stuff Live we pick right up where we left off last week with the Duke teaser. 

While Jon didn't appreciate the cliff hanger last week, he was more than happy to talk about Duke Basketball and the players potential fit into Brad Stevens' system.  This led to wrapping the Okafor rumor trade deadline rumor and last week's discussion about that being a possible smokescreen which was fleshed out this week on CelticsBlog by Jeff Clark. 

Mark Murphy from the Boston Herald was our esteemed guest to discuss the state of the team and the DISGUSTING play of Steph Curry on Saturday night in the OT matchup with the Thunder. 

Mark and Justin gave ET props for his being a major factor on the second unit this season and how the team has responded as of late against taller and athletic line-ups with a rematch against Utah on the docket for Monday night!

Feb 26, 2016

Justin Poulin of Celtics Stuff Live tells you the FULL story behind the Celtics Stuff Live Podcast, his covering the Boston Celtics Locker Room during the 2008 Championship season and sports podcasting way back in 2003 (before ‪#‎podcasting‬ even had a name).

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